desktop Jenkins X Console based on Octant

As a general purpose console for working with Kubernetes, Jenkins X, Tekton and more resources we highly recommend either Octant or Lens

To run the Octant UI please make sure you are in a local terminal (not inside a VM) as it will run a local process and open a web browser to access a local port.

Also make sure you are connected to the kubernetes cluster you wish to use first. e.g. run something like this to check you are connected first:

kubectl get ns

To run Octant with the Jenkins X plugins if you have a recent jx binary run:

jx ui

This will download the octant binary and the octant-jx plugin then startup Octant for you

More Information

Please check out the documentation on using Octant and Jenkins X to get started.

Last modified August 10, 2021: fix: polish the UI section (9675b3f073)