Enable WebHooks

How to enable webhooks if you are on-premises

If your cluster is not accessible on the internet and you can’t open a firewall to allow services like GitHub to access your ingress then you will need to enable webhooks as follows:

kubectl get ing -n jx
  • copy the hook host name into…
ngrok http http://yourHookHost
  • copy the following YAML to a file: helmfiles/jx/jxboot-helmfile-resources-values.yaml
    hook: "abcdef1234.ngrok.io"
  • modify the hook: line in your helmfiles/jx/jxboot-helmfile-resources-values.yaml file to use your personal ngrok domain name of the form abcdef1234.ngrok.io

  • add the jxboot-helmfile-resources-values.yaml file name to the values: entry in the helmfiles/jx/helmfile.yaml file for the jxgh/jxboot-helmfile-resources chart like this: (see the last line)

- chart: jxgh/jxboot-helmfile-resources
  name: jxboot-helmfile-resources
  - ../../versionStream/charts/jx3/jxboot-helmfile-resources/values.yaml.gotmpl
  - jx-values.yaml
  - jxboot-helmfile-resources-values.yaml
  • now git commit the changed files….
git add helmfiles 
git commit -a -m "fix: add ngrok webhook"
git push

echo "now lets watch the boot job complete"
jx admin log -w