How to diagnose and fix webhooks

Webhooks are used to trigger lighthouse when you:

  • merge commits to your main branch
  • open a Pull Request
  • push code to a Pull Request branch
  • comment on a Pull Request to trigger ChatOps

If webhooks are not working in your cluster then you won’t get ChatOps or pipelines triggered.


For webhooks to work you must have a working Ingress for the hook endpoint from lighthouse

The ingress defaults to using the domain name specified in ingress.domain in your jx-requirements.yml file.

Diagnosing issues

You can check on the health of your system and webhooks via the Health guide

First make sure you have a valid ingress for hook…

# switch to the jx namespace
jx ns jx

kubectl get ing

you should see an ingress with a valid domain name for hook. Then try curl that URL on the command line…

curl -v http://hook-jx.

and check your laptop can access the endpoint. Do you have a running lighthouse-webhook-* pod?

kubectl get pod -l app=lighthouse-webhooks

You could look at your pods in jx ui to see their state, events, logs etc.

If everything looks to be working inside your cluster then open the git repository of your dev cluster…

kubectl get environments

Then click the GIT URL link for your repository.

Now look at the Webbooks page to see if your git provider could send webhooks to your hook endpoint. On GitHub thats Settings -> Webhooks

It could be your git provider can’t see public ingress endpoint? If thats the case you may need to look at setting up a tunnel via something like ngrok to enable on-premises webhooks

AWS specific issues

If you are using AWS you can check out the AWS docs on using ELB