jx gitops

commands for working with GitOps based git repositories


jx gitops


commands for working with GitOps based git repositories


  -h, --help   help for jx-gitops



jx gitops annotate

Annotates all kubernetes resources in the given directory tree

jx gitops apply

Performs a GitOps regeneration and apply on a cluster git repository

jx gitops condition

Runs a command if the condition is true

jx gitops copy

Copies resources (by default confimaps) with the given selector or name from a source namespace to a destination namespace

jx gitops gc

Commands for garbage collecting resources

jx gitops git

Commands for working with Git

jx gitops hash

Annotates the given files with a hash of the given source files for ConfigMaps/Secrets

jx gitops helm

Commands for working with helm charts

jx gitops helmfile

Commands for working with helmfile Aliases: helmfiles

jx gitops image

Updates images in the kubernetes resources from the version stream

jx gitops ingress

Updates Ingress resources with the current ingress domain

jx gitops jenkins

Commands for working with Jenkins GitOps configuration

jx gitops kpt

Commands for working with kpt packages

jx gitops kustomize

Generates a kustomize layout by comparing a source and target directories

jx gitops label

Labels all kubernetes resources in the given directory tree

jx gitops lint

Lints the gitops files in the file system

jx gitops namespace

Updates all kubernetes resources in the given directory to the given namespace Aliases: ns

jx gitops patch

Patches the given resources

jx gitops plugin

Commands for working with plugins

jx gitops postprocess

Post processes kubernetes resources to enrich resources like ServiceAccounts with cloud specific sensitive data to enable IAM rles

jx gitops pr

Commands for working with Pull Requests Aliases: pullrequest,pullrequests

jx gitops rename

Renames yaml files to use canonical file names based on the resource name and kind

jx gitops repository

Commands for working with source repositories Aliases: repo,repos,repositories

jx gitops requirement

Commands for working with jx-requirements.yml Aliases: req,requirements

jx gitops sa

Commands for working with kubernetes ServiceAccount resources Aliases: serviceaccount,serviceaccounts

jx gitops scheduler

Generates the Lighthouse configuration from the SourceRepository and Scheduler resources Aliases: schedulers,lighthouse

jx gitops split

Splits any YAML files which define multiple resources into separate files

jx gitops upgrade

Upgrades the GitOps git repository with the latest configuration and versions the Version Stream Aliases: update

jx gitops variables

Lazily creates a .jx/variables.sh script with common pipeline environment variables

jx gitops version

Displays the version of this command

jx gitops versionstream

Administer the cluster version stream settings

jx gitops webhook

Commands for working with WebHooks on your source repositories Aliases: webhooks,hook,hooks

jx gitops yset

Modifies a value in a YAML file at a given path expression while preserving comments

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