Default domain

Default generated domain

If you use the default configuration your ingress.domain will be empty. When you first install Jenkins X it will discover the LoadBalancer Service from nginx in the nginx namespace and resolve that to an external IP address. Then it will use that IP address as a domain with as the suffix.

So you will see your jx-requirements.yml file looking something like:

  externalDNS: false
    email: ""
    enabled: false
    production: false

where is your external IP address of your nginx LoadBalancer service.

Incidentally when you use a public cloud and create a kubernetes service of type LoadBalancer it is automatically associated with a public IP.

Note that if you are on-premises then the LoadBalancer service probably won’t automatically get resolved to an external IP. So you will probably need to setup a load balancer like MetalLB

Last modified June 18, 2021: docs: Fix usage of "on-premises" (91a1e4b3eb)