Source Repositories

Introduction to Jenkins X Source Repositories

Source Control Management (SCM) Repositories which have been configured to run CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins X are represented as Source Repositories. Source Repositories are a kubernetes custom resource (CR) scoped to a namespace and created in the development namespace/environment.

A source repository includes information about the SCM provider, Organization, Repository name and clone URLs.

A simple example of a source repository is shown below

kind: SourceRepository
  labels: namespaces
    owner: jenkins-x
    provider: github
    repository: jx
  name: jenkins-x-jx
  namespace: jx
  org: jenkins-x
  providerKind: github
  providerName: github
  repo: jx

This shows a source repository named jenkins-x-jx in the namespace jx. It represents a repository named jx in the jenkins-x organization which is hosted in github.

You can view all source repositories in your cluster by running:

kubectl get sourcerepositories -A

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