jx gitops helmfile

Commands for working with helmfile Aliases: helmfiles


jx gitops helmfile


Commands for working with helmfile


  -h, --help   help for helmfile



jx gitops helmfile add

Adds a chart to the local ‘helmfile.yaml’ file

jx gitops helmfile delete

Deletes a chart from the helmfiles in one or all namespaces Aliases: remove,rm,del

jx gitops helmfile move

Moves the generated template files from ‘helmfile template’ into the right gitops directory Aliases: mv

jx gitops helmfile report

Generates a markdown report of the helmfile based deployments in each namespace

jx gitops helmfile resolve

Resolves any missing versions or values files in the helmfile.yaml file from the version stream

jx gitops helmfile status

Updates the git deployment status after a release

jx gitops helmfile structure

Runs ‘helmfile structure’ on the helmfile in specified directory which will split in to multiple helmfiles based around namespace

jx gitops helmfile validate

Validates helmfile.yaml against a jx canonical tree of helmfiles

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