Creating projects

Now that you’ve setup the platform, let’s create your first project.

To create or import projects you will need to get the jx 3.x binary and put it on your $PATH

Create a new project from a quickstart

To create a new project from a quickstart template use the jx project quickstart command:

jx project quickstart

Note that the old Jenkins X 2.x alias jx quickstart is still supported but will be deprecated eventually.

See the quickstart documentation for more information

Import an existing project

To import an existing project use the jx project import command:

jx project import

See the import documentation for more information

Note that the old Jenkins X 2.x alias jx import is still supported but will be deprecated eventually.

Importing projects with Jenkinfiles

Note that Jenkins X 3.x includes new support for handling of importing Jenkinsfiles if you are trying to combine Jenkins and Tekton together in Jenkins X.

Top level wizard

This gives you all of the above options in an interactive wizard via jx project


We’ve made a number of improvements over the 2.x version of jx import command:

  • when importing to Jenkins X we ask which build pack you wish to use (e.g. classic or kubernetes) so that you can import java libraries or node modules easily in addition to kubernetes native applications
  • the wizard will prompt you for the pack name (language) once the detection has occurred. Usually the pack name detection is good enough. e.g. detecting maven but you may wish to change the version of the pack (e.g. maven-java11)
  • when importing a project and you are using Jenkins X and Jenkins in the same cluster you get asked whether you want to import the project into Jenkins X or to pick which Jenkins server to use
  • we support 2 modes of importing projects to a remote Jenkins server
    • regular Jenkins import where a Multi Branch Project is used and Jenkins processes the webhooks
    • ChatOps mode: we use lighthouse to handle the webhooks and ChatOps and then when triggered we trigger regular pipelines inside the Jenkins server
  • if your repository contains a Jenkinsfile and you choose to import into a Jenkins server we don’t run the build packs and generate a Dockerfile, helm chart or jenkins-x.yml

Changes since 2.x:

For those of you who know Jenkins X and have used jx import before the new project wizard is a little different:

  • the commands are a little different:

    • jx create import is now jx project import
    • jx create quickstart is now jx project quickstart
    • jx create project is now jx project
    • jx create spring is now jx project spring

Jenkinsfile support

How 3.x handles importing Jenkinsfiles