Setup Jenkins X on EKS on AWS


  • Ensure you are logged into GitHub else you will get a 404 error when clicking the links below
  • ECR repository needs to be created before running the quickstart or importing existing projects.
  • The quickstart guides are for users who want to get up and running quickly with JenkinsX. Refer to the eks-jx terraform module readme for all the variables that can be customized.
    • Refer to this page for setting up JenkinsX v3 with external/existing vault.
    • For installing JenkinsX in an existing EKS cluster, refer to this section.
    • To use AWS secrets manager instead of vault, refer to this section
  • Always use the latest module version for the eks-jx module. The list of versions can be found here.
  • Do not specify the last digit of the kubernetes version, so if you want to provision an EKS cluster with kubernetes 1.21.5, just specify 1.21. See this issue for more details.

EKS + Terraform

This is our current recommended quickstart for EKS: