ChatOps commands

You can type the following ChatOps commands on Pull Requests as comments:

ChatOps Commands

ChatOps Command Description
/lgtm This PR looks good to me - this command can be from anyone with access to the repo who is in the OWNERS file
/approve This PR can be merged - must be someone in the repo OWNERS file
/test this Run the default test pipeline context for this PR
/test (context) Run a specific test pipeline context by name
/retest Rerun any failed test pipeline contexts for this PR
/override (context) Override a failed pipeline context
/hold Set this PR to not automerge even if it has been set lgtm and approved
/hold cancel remove the hold label from the PR, allowing automerge
/assign (user) assign the PR to the given (user)
/unassign (user) remove the user as assignee
/cc (user) add the given user as a reviewer for the PR
/uncc (user) remove the user as a reviewer
/ok-to-test If a user without write access to the repo opens a PR, the PR will not be built automatically. It receives the needs-ok-to-test label, until a user with rights enters /ok-to-test, at which point it gets be built