jx gitops copy

Copies resources (by default confimaps) with the given selector or name from a source namespace to a destination namespace


jx gitops copy


Copies kubernetes resources (by default confimaps) from a namespace to the current namespace


# copies the config map with named beer to a namespace
jx-gitops copy --name beer --to=foo

# copies config maps with a selector to a namespace
jx-gitops copy -l mylabel=something --to=foo

# copies resources matching a selector and kind
jx-gitops copy --kind ingresses -l mylabel=something --to=foo


      --create-namespace   create the to Namespace if it does not already exist
  -g, --group string       the API group such as 'apps' for Deployemnts
  -h, --help               help for copy
  -k, --kind string        the kind name (default "configmaps")
      --name string        the name of the resource to copy instead of a selector
  -n, --ns string          the namespace to find the resources to copy. Defaults to the current namespace
  -l, --selector string    the label selector to find the resources to copy
  -t, --to string          the namespace to copy the secrets to
      --version string     the API version of the resources to copy (default "v1")



Last modified April 20, 2021: chore: regenerated plugin docs (412f8f1671)