Using localizer with Jenkins X

localizer is a lightweight go lang based rewrite of telepresencse. See the blog for more detail

It basically lets you run local processes on your laptop right inside your IDE which are then connected into the kubernetes cluster via networking magic.

Using localizer

sudo localizer
  • run/debug your application locally.

  • then to expose your service into a namespace as a service name run something like this::

localizer expose $namespace/$svc --map 80:8080

when you have finished debugging, return things to normal via:

localizer expose $namespace/$svc --stop


Here is an example of how we use localizer to debug webhooks coming into lighthouse.

Basically we have webhooks setup on git repositories that when they are modified or Pull Requests are created the git provider triggers the lighthouse webhook endpoint.

localizer maps the kubernetes service endpoint which is triggered by the webhook to invoke the process on your laptop.

Last modified March 15, 2021: fix: add article and localizer docs (7d9be9edb0)