From 3.0 Alpha

Migrate to the 3.0 Beta from 3.0 Alpha

The 3.0 beta is almost ready, so we’ve rolled out the new jx-requirements.yml file format which uses API versioning and removes lots of old deprecated content.

Your cluster git repository will be upgraded automatically when you upgrade your cluster via the jx gitops upgrade command inside a git clone of your cluster git repository.

NOTE once you upgrade your cluster you will also need to make sure all the quickstarts and imported projects are using the latest pipelines from the catalog to ensure the container images are at least at 3.0 beta level.

Upgrading pipelines in your repositories

You can create Pull Requests on all the repositories you’ve imported or created via quickstarts via:

jx updatebot pipeline

This will use the default kpt strategy of resource-merge which will try merge any local changes with those changes in the pipeline catalog

You can use the --strategy to change this default if you wish. See jx updatebot pipeline --help for more detail.

Converting pipelines

You can follow the guide on migrating pipelines individually via jx pipeline convert command to convert pipelines in a repository:

jx pipeline convert 

If you lose some pipeline changes

To be totally sure you don’t miss any local changes to pipelines you can use the --strategy alpha-git-patch argument.

Though you can get merge conflicts which you then need to resolve in your IDE so its probably easier if you do those changes by hand in each repository via jx gitops upgrade

The other option is to allow the above resource-merge to create a PR and merge; then if you have lost some changes use your IDE to see the differences and bring things back you need.

If you hit issues on your alpha cluster

If you are not yet ready to migrate to the beta and hit some issues these tips may help.

If you have pipelines on your alpha that start to fail with issues around requirements parsing (missing fields or encoding of storage or whatever) then edit your pipeline files to replace any latest images for jx-cli with jx-cli:3.0.766 instead.

You may find new quickstarts / imports created on your cluster start to fail too.

To avoid that modify your pipeline catalog to use the alpha tag rather than master. e.g. if you edit your extensions/pipeline-catalog.yaml file just make sure it has the alpha reference like this:

kind: PipelineCatalog
  - label: JX3 Pipeline Catalog
    gitRef: alpha