Read only dashboard view of pipelines and logs

It’s a common requirement to want to view pipelines running, their logs or to be able to click on a Pull Request on your git provider and view the pipeline log for that commit on that Pull Request.

To implement this we include the jx-pipelines-visualizer application inside Jenkins X.

This provides a simple read only web UI for viewing pipelines and pipeline logs and its linked automatically with any Pull Request you create on repositories managed by Jenkins X.

Accessing the Pipelines Visualizer

If you have a recent jx binary run:

jx dash

and it will open the dashboard using the basic authentication login and password.

Viewing from a Pull Request

If you create a Pull Request on a git repository you have created or imported in Jenkins X you should see a link on the Pull Request.

Here’s an example - see the Details link on the right of the Pull Request pipeline:

If you click the Details link that should open the jx-pipelines-visualizer UI for this pipeline build.

Logging in to the Pipelines Visualizer

Unless you customize the chart to change the Ingress the default will use basic authentication to access the web UI to avoid your pipeline logs being visible on the internet.

The default username is admin.

To find the generated random password to access the UI type:

jx ns jx
kubectl get secret jx-basic-auth-user-password -o jsonpath="{.data.password}" | base64 --decode

That should display the randomly generated password.

If you type the username and password into your browser it should open the dashboard.

Pipelines Traces

If you enable the observability stack, then you will get a new link Trace in your pipeline view - once the pipeline is finished - that will open the pipeline trace in Grafana so that you can see the timings of each stage and steps in your pipeline:

Lighthouse UI

There is an additional optional UI for viewing lighthouse.

To install it add the following to the releases: section of your helmfiles/jx/helmfile.yaml:

- chart: jx3/lighthouse-webui-plugin
  version: 0.1.2
  name: lighthouse-webui-plugin
  - ../../versionStream/charts/jx3/lighthouse-webui-plugin/values.yaml.gotmpl
  - jx-values.yaml

Last modified August 10, 2021: fix: polish the UI section (9675b3f073)