Questions on registries and repositories

How do I use a custom container registry?

To allow a pipeline to be able to push to a container registry you can add this secret…

kubectl create secret generic container-registry-auth  \ \
  --from-literal=username=myuser \

This will then take effect the next time a commit merges on your cluster git repository e.g. next time you upgrade your cluster.

The various container registry secrets get merged into a Secret called tekton-container-registry-auth in the jx namespace which is associated with the default pipeline ServiceAccount tekton-bot.

If you want all pipelines to use this container registry then modify the cluster.registry field in your jx-requirements.yml file:


Otherwise you can enable this new container registry on a specific application/repository by adding this .jx/ file into the git repository if it doesn’t exist…


How do I switch to github pages for charts?

Using a local chart museum or bucket repo chart for installing charts can be troublesome if you just have 1 cluster and you are using it for dev, staging and production.

e.g. if you delete your cluster and try reboot everything, there’s initially no chart museum or bucket repo so that the staging / production helmfiles won’t be able to find the charts and your boot job will fail.

Using multiple clusters at least lets you destroy and recreate each cluster independently.

A workaround while you bring back your cluster is to comment out the staging and production helmfile.yaml files in the helmfile.yaml file in the root directory.

We recommend using cloud services and storage where possible.

Longer term we expect folks to move towards using OCI and your container registry to host your helm charts so that its always highly available in all clusters/locations. Though there is still integration work required with helm and helmfile to make that completely seamless right now (particularly with secrets and cloud IAM roles).

So one option is to use github pages as your chart repository - so that your charts are always accessible for the staging/production namespaces/clusters even if you recreate your cluster from scractch.

To switch to use github pages for your container registry, modify your jx-requirements.yml to:

kind: Requirements
    chartKind: pages  

How do I switch to bucketrepo?

To switch from nexus to bucketrepo in V3 there are a few changes you need to make.

Incidetally the jx3-kubernetes repository is already setup forbucketrepo.

Please make the following changes…

  • remove your old nexus chart from helmfiles/jx/helmfile.yaml
  • add this to your jx-requirements.yml file so its like this one
kind: Requirements
    chartRepository: http://bucketrepo.jx.svc.cluster.local/bucketrepo/charts
  repository: bucketrepo
  • add the bucketrepo chart to your helmfiles/jx/helmfile.yaml file like this:
- chart: jenkins-x/bucketrepo
  name: bucketrepo

then git commit and you should have your cluster switched to bucketrepo

Last modified June 21, 2021: fix: add a few more FAQ entries (d8e605c75f)