jx pipeline import

Imports tekton pipelines from a catalog Aliases: build,run


jx pipeline import


Imports tekton pipelines from a catalog.


# import tekton tasks from the tekton catalog: be prompted for what tasks/version to import an whether to enable triggers
jx pipeline import

# import tasks filtering the list of folders for those matching 'build' and disabling the automatic lighthouse trigger
jx pipeline import -f build --no-trigger


      --bin string                   the 'kpt' binary name to use. If not specified this command will download the jx binary plugin into ~/.jx3/plugins/bin and use that
      --catalog-dir string           The directory containing the tekton catalog. Usually only used for testing
  -d, --dir string                   The directory which will have the .lighthouse/$folder/*.yaml files created (default ".")
  -f, --filter string                Filter the list of task folders for all that contain this text
  -h, --help                         help for import
      --no-trigger                   No lighthouse trigger to be added
      --release-branch stringArray   the release branch regular expressions to trigger the release pipeline. If not specified defaults to: 'master', 'main'
  -t, --task string                  The name of the folder in the 'tasks' directory in the catalog to import resources from. If not specified you will be prompted to choose one
      --to-dir string                The directory inside .lighthouse to import the resources. Defaults to the task folder
  -u, --url string                   The tekton catalog git URL which is cloned if no --catalog-dir is specified (default "https://github.com/tektoncd/catalog.git")
  -v, --version string               The version of the task folder to use



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