Command Line Interface reference

Check the getting the jx binary and how to get help on jx commands

jx admin

commands for creating and upgrading Jenkins X environments using GitOps

jx application

Command for viewing deployed Applications across Environments

jx changelog

Command for working with Changelogs

jx charter

commands for generating Helm Chart CRDs for better reporting and insight

jx gitops

commands for working with GitOps based git repositories

jx health

Health commands

jx kube-test

commands for working with GitOps based git repositories

jx pipeline

commands for working with Jenkins X Pipelines

jx preview

Preview commands

jx project

Create a new project by importing code, creating a quickstart or custom wizard for spring

jx promote

Promotes a version of an application to an Environment

jx registry

commands for working with container registries

jx scm

GitOps utility commands

jx secret

commands for working with Secrets, ExternalSecrets and external secret stores

jx tap

commands for processing TAP (Test Anything Protocol) files

jx tekton-to-actions

commands for converting tekton pipelines to github actions

jx test

Test commands

jx updatebot

commands for creating Pull Requests on repositories when versions change

jx verify

commands for verifying Jenkins X environments

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