jx pipeline

commands for working with Jenkins X Pipelines


jx pipeline


commands for working with Jenkins X Pipelines


  -h, --help   help for jx-pipeline



jx pipeline activities

Display one or more Activities on projects Aliases: activity,act

jx pipeline convert

commands for converting pipelines

jx pipeline debug

Add or remove pipeline breakpoints for debugging pipeline steps Aliases: bp,breakpoint

jx pipeline effective

Displays the effective tekton pipeline Aliases: dump

jx pipeline env

Displays the environment variables for a step in a chosen pipeline pod Aliases: environment

jx pipeline fmt

Formats the local pipeline files

jx pipeline get

Display one or more pipelines Aliases: list,ls

jx pipeline grid

Watches pipeline activity in a table Aliases: table,tbl

jx pipeline import

Imports tekton pipelines from a catalog Aliases: build,run

jx pipeline lint

Lints the lighthouse trigger and tekton pipelines

jx pipeline log

Display a build log Aliases: logs

jx pipeline override

Lets you pick a step to override locally in a pipeline Aliases: edit,inline

jx pipeline pods

Displays the build pods and their details Aliases: pod

jx pipeline previews

Display one or more Preview Environments Aliases: preview

jx pipeline set

Sets a property on the given Pipeline / PipelineRun / Task files

jx pipeline start

Starts one or more pipelines Aliases: build,run

jx pipeline stop

Stops one or more pipelines Aliases: kill

jx pipeline version

Displays the version of this command

jx pipeline wait

Waits for a pipeline to be imported and activated by the boot Job Aliases: build,run

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