Check the health of a Jenkins X installation

Jenkins X v3.x now has a CLI plugin that works with Kuberhealthy to check the health of a working Jenkins X.

The jx health plugin is self contained in the git repository This provides a way to query teh result of health checks that run periodically in each Kubernetes namespace.

The plugin is also useful in a more locked down cluster for developers with reduced RBAC permissions. A user only needs permissions to read the Kuberhealth state custom resources

Kuberhealthy provides an easy way to extend using custom health checks to report errors. To see how to write your own check see the docs here. Jenkins X already comes with a set of custom health checks that can be installed that report errors, for example with webhooks, missing secrets, a bad install or invalid bot token. For more details take a look here

We’d like to encourrage contributions to add extra checks as Jenkins X v3 matures. If you have a check that you would like to add please reach out in the community channels or create an issue or pull request.

Try it out

When using Terraform (the recommended approach) Kuberhealthy and health checks are installed by default.

You can use the new health CLI plugin to get health statuses that run periodically checking different things, our favorite is the watch for checks across all namespaces.

jx health status --all-namespaces --watch

You can also view the health status via the UI Console via:

jx ui

Then navigating to the Heath view

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