Install the CLI

How to install the jx 3.x CLI

To try out the 3.x Beta of Jenkins X you will need the 3.x version of the jx binary.

You can download 3.x of jx from here:


curl -L | tar xzv
chmod +x jx 
sudo mv jx /usr/local/bin


curl -L | tar xzv
chmod +x jx 
sudo mv jx /usr/local/bin


  • click on the download link to download a binary
  • copy the jx binary to a directory on your $PATH

Verify your install

Once you have installed the jx binary so it is on your $PATH you should be able to run

jx version 


jx --help 

For more detail see the Command Line Reference Guide

Last modified November 30, 2021: fix: Typo in help command (c528dd5f48)