jx gitops git clone

Clones the cluster git repository using the URL, git user and token from the Secret


jx gitops git clone


Clones the cluster git repository from the URL provided to the jx-git-operator watching the said repository, and authenticating as git user with token provided by jx-boot secret, also provided by jx-git-operator installation.

Effectively this command runs jx gitops git setup before proceeding to simply clone the repository into either the folder passed in via –clone-dir or into the ./setup directory.


jx-gitops git clone


      --clone-dir string            the directory to clone the repository to. Default value used is ./source relative to the directory in which the command is running
      --credentials-file string     The destination of the git credentials file to generate. If not specified uses $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git/credentials or $HOME/git/credentials
  -d, --dir string                  the directory to run the git setup command from
  -e, --email string                the git user email to use if one is not setup. Default value is jenkins-x@googlegroups.com, if none other is provided
      --fake-in-cluster             for testing: lets you fake running this command inside a kubernetes cluster so that it can create the file: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git/credentials or $HOME/git/credentials
      --git-provider string         the git provider URL. If not specified its detected from the git operator jx-boot Secret or defaults to https://github.com
  -h, --help                        help for clone
  -n, --name string                 the git user name to use if one is not setup
      --namespace string            the namespace used to find the git operator secret for the git repository if running in cluster. Defaults to the current namespace
      --operator-namespace string   the namespace used by the git operator to find the secret for the git repository if running in cluster (default "jx-git-operator")
      --password string             the git password/token to use. if not specified it is detected from the git operator Secret
      --secret string               the name of the Secret to find the git URL, username and password for creating a git credential if running inside the cluster (default "jx-boot")



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