The open source projects used by Jenkins X

Jenkins X stands on the shoulders of many open source giants…

Command Line Tools

  • helm a package manager for kubernetes
  • helmfile a tool for installing, upgrading and configuring helm charts
  • kaniko creates container images on kubernetes using the familiar dockerfile
  • kapp is a tool for applying changes to kubernetes resources safely with dependency tracking
  • kpt provides tools for sharing and configuring YAML files across git repositories
  • kubectl a command line tool for interacting with kubernetes clusters
  • kustomize a tool for configuring and modifying kubernetes resources
  • mink a command line tool for building container images and resolving the image digest in JSON/YAML files for local development or for use inside pipelines (we use the mink plugin for this
  • octant an awesome kubernetes console with plugins which we use for the Jenkins X Console
  • skaffold a tool for incremental development of container images and deployments
  • tekton cli the CLI tool for working with tekton pipelines
  • terraform a tool managing infrastructure as code


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