jx gitops pr comment

Add comment to the pull request


jx gitops pr comment


Adds a comment to the current pull request


# add comment
jx-gitops pr comment -c "message from Jenkins X pipeline"


      --branch string       specifies the branch if not inside a git clone
  -c, --comment string      comment to add
      --dir string          the directory to search for the .git to discover the git source URL (default ".")
      --git-kind string     the kind of git server to connect to
      --git-server string   the git server URL to create the git provider client. If not specified its defaulted from the current source URL
      --git-token string    the git token used to operate on the git repository
  -h, --help                help for comment
      --pr int              the Pull Request number. If not specified we detect it via $PULL_NUMBER or $BRANCH_NAME environment variables
  -r, --repo string         the full git repository name of the form 'owner/name'
      --source-url string   the git source URL of the repository
  -s, --strategy string     comment strategy to choose (create, create-if-not-exists, delete-and-create) (default "create")



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