Upgrading the jx cli


To upgrade the jx CLI run:

jx upgrade cli

To upgrade jx subcommand plugins run:

jx upgrade plugins

The jx CLI version used to upgrade to is derived from the Jenkins X version stream.

If you have not installed Jenkins X or are not connected to a Kubernetes cluster with Jenkins X running then the jx CLI version defaults to the latest version stream git repository here

If you are running the jx upgrade cli command from within a cloned cluster git repository (one that has the helmfile.yaml and jx-requirements.yml files at the root folder) then the version stream URL used to find the correct jx CLI version use comes from the local file versionStream/Kptfile. The reason for this is when switching version stream (like moving to LTS) you need to match the jx CLI version stored in that desired vesrion stream, as they may be different to you previous version stream.

If you want to find the jx CLI version that matches the version stream used by your cluster git repository then pass this addional flag:

jx upgrade cli --from-environment

Last modified December 2, 2021: fix: small note on deprecated plugins (6a81495178)