Lighthouse Dashboard

Read-only web UI view of Lighthouse events, jobs and merge status/history

Lighthouse is the Jenkins X component responsible for all interactions between your Git hosting provider (GitHub, Gitlab, …) and your Kubernetes cluster. Amongst other things, it:

  • receive and process webhook events
  • trigger pipelines
  • handle automatic merging of Pull Requests

Lighthouse comes with an optional Web UI: lighthouse-webui-plugin - see the admin guide to install it.

This UI gives you a read-only view of:

  • the webhook events received and processed by Lighthouse: git push, PR events, comments, …
  • the Lighthouse Jobs (pipelines) created, and their states - with a direct link to the pipeline visualizer to see the logs
  • the Lighthouse Merge Status and History: which PRs have been automatically merged by Lighthouse

This UI will help you understand what Lighthouse is doing, and in case of issue (pipeline not triggered, PR not being automatically merged, …) it will help you find the root cause.

Accessing the Lighthouse Web UI

Unless you customize the chart to change the Ingress the default hostname will be lighthouse.<YOUR_DOMAIN>. You can find the exact hostname by running the following command:

jx ns jx
kubectl get ing lighthouse-webui-plugin -o jsonpath="{.spec.rules[0].host}"

Logging in to the Pipelines Visualizer

Unless you customize the chart to change the Ingress the default will use basic authentication to access the web UI to avoid your cluster internal state being visible on the internet.

The default username is admin.

To find the generated random password to access the UI type:

jx ns jx
kubectl get secret jx-basic-auth-user-password -o jsonpath="{.data.password}" | base64 --decode

That should display the randomly generated password.

If you type the username and password into your browser it should open the web UI.

Viewing from a Pull Request

If you create a Pull Request on a git repository you have created or imported in Jenkins X you should see a link on the Pull Request.

Here’s an example - see the Details link on the right of the Merge Status line:

If you click the Details link that should open the lighthouse-webui-plugin UI in the “Merge Status” page.

Lighthouse Events

By default, the Lighthouse Web UI will display all the webhook events:

Lighthouse Jobs

If you click on the Jobs link (top right), you will see all the pipelines triggered by Lighthouse:

Lighthouse Merge Status

If you click on the Merge Status link, you will see all the Pull Requests currently in the Lighthouse “Merge Pools” - candidates for automatic merge:

Lighthouse Merge History

If you click on the Merge History link, you will see all the Pull Requests which have been automatically merged by Lighthouse:

Last modified August 10, 2021: fix: polish the UI section (9675b3f073)