Octant: the OSS UI for Jenkins X

a shiny new open source UI for Jenkins X

A common question we have heard in the community over the years is Is there an open source UI for Jenkins X?.

Well we now have an answer: its Octant using the octant-jx plugin.

Why Octant?

We love Octant because:

  • open source and very easy to extend with plugins in Go or TypeScript/JavaScript
  • lets you visualise and work with all kubernetes and custom resources across multiple clusters
  • thanks to octant-jx has awesome integration with Jenkins X components like apps, environments, pipelines, repositories etc.


Longer term we’re planning on making most of the developer and operations features of Jenkins X available through the UI via octant-jx.

e.g. we hope as part of Jenkins X 3.x you’ll be able to install or upgrade Jenkins X and watch the installation proceed all via Octant.

But already right now today you can:

  • view applications, environments, pipelines, repositories
  • for a pipeline quickly navigate to:
    • its Pod, Log, Pull Request or Preview Environment
    • for each step you can view the step detail or log of the step
  • see the various jobs and pipelines used to operate Jenkins X itself
  • over time will add management UI capabilities for installing, upgrading and administering Jenkins

Find out more about installing and using Octant here.


We did a demo of octant-jx at the last office hours. We also presented octant-jx at the octant office hours this week.

Here is a demo video showing octant in action with Jenkins X: