Welcome to Jenkins X 3.x alpha!

awesome improvements in Jenkins X

We are very pleased to announce the alpha release of Jenkins X version 3

You can read more about the overview of the architecture and components here.

This release has lots of benefits over version 2 is much easier to use, understand and manage. It is more flexible and simpler to configure for different infrastructures and cloud providers.

The new release works well with any combination of helm 3, helmfile, kpt and/or kustomize.

For those who’ve used Jenkins X version 2 you can check out a comparison of the two versions

Here is a demo video showing how to get started with Jenkins X on Google Cloud with Terraform and Vault:

We also did a live demo of getting started and using version 3 at the octant office hours last week.

We also included the helmfile based preview environments enhancement via the new jx-preview plugin which makes it much easier to make more sophisticated previews such as

  • using multiple namespaces for you previews
  • using per preview namespaces or deploying previews into shared namespaces (e.g. via Canaries)
  • using helmfile to cleanly remove resources

We now have support, via Terraform for 2 of the big 3 public clouds:

Azure support is getting really close; if you’d like to help get it ready join us on slack

Also when using your laptop or local kubernetes cluster without terraform we support:

  • Minikube so you can run Jenkins X on your laptop
  • On-Premises so you can use any vanilla kubernetes cluster

We are working on improving the UX of the installation/upgrade; we’re hoping to soon have a pure terraform (or Terraform Cloud) way to spin up a Jenkins X installation on a public cloud with a minimum of fuss. We’ll hopefully blog about that soon…

So please take it for a spin and let us know what you think! If you can think of any ways we can improve let us know!