Jenkins X Talks at CDCon

Learn more about Jenkins X at CDCon on Oct 7-8

There will be six Jenkins X talks given by various speakers at the first-ever CDCon on October 7-8. The two-day virtual event, hosted by the Continuous Delivery Foundation, will focus on improving the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed.

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Wednesday, October 7

A CI/CD Framework for Production Machine Learning at Massive Scale (using Jenkins X and Seldon Core) Speaker: Alejandro Saucedo, Seldon Time: 1:15 PM PDT

Managing production machine learning systems as internal data science infrastructure requirements grow, has uncovered new challenges which have required fundamentally different approaches to that of traditional CI/CD in software engineering. In this talk we will dive into the work we are doing at the SIG-MLOps and the CD Foundation towards developing the methodologies that encompass best practices to continuously integrate and deploy machine learning in production at massive scale. In this talk, we’ll provide key insights on the core MLOps concepts, as well as a hands-on coding example where we take a text classification model through its training, deployment and promotion as canary and shadow deployments, which will also allow us to get deeper and more specific insight on our production environment.

Dailymotion’s Continuous Delivery Story Speaker: Vincent Behar, Dailymotion Time: 3:30 PM PDT

In this session, Vincent will share Dailymotion’s Continuous Delivery story with Jenkins, Jenkins X and Tekton. He will come back on the initial state and issues faced on the CI/CD topic, and how it was solved. He will insist on the practices that were put in place and the benefits that resulted from switching to Jenkins X. He will conclude with the new challenges brought by improving Dailymotion’s Continuous Delivery platform. If you are wondering if Jenkins X is the right tool for you, and the impact it can have on your team(s), then this is the right session for you!

Thursday, October 8

Moving from Jenkins to Jenkins X: Scaling and Accelerating CI/CD Speaker: Dr Michael Garbade, Education Ecosystem Time: 12:00 PM PDT

Jenkins has served as a continuous integration (CI) tool long before the emergence of Kubernetes and distributed systems running on cloud-native platforms. Working with Jenkins as a stand-alone open-source tool has proved to be extremely difficult for distributed systems engineers, as it is designed for small projects and not scalable to bigger projects. Jenkins X has emerged as a way to both improve and automate continuous delivery pipelines to Kubernetes and cloud-native environments. In this talk, we will discuss the limitations of Jenkins, how Jenkins X addresses those limitations, how it leverages open source and commercial CI/CD tools for easier bug fixes, faster deployments, stability, consistency and improved communication.

Enable a Pipeline As Code Capability for 12,000 Developers Speaker: Jimmy McNamara, Fidelity Investments Time: 1:00 PM PDT

Aoife Fitzmaurice and Jimmy McNamara take us through a journey on how Fidelity Investments plans to roll out a Pipeline As Code capability to 12,000 developers. Leveraging cloud-based Kubernetes platforms to ensure best operational outcomes the team is driven to enable this best practice capability across Fidelity. This capability is key to assisting the growth of both an inner-sourcing and open-sourcing culture throughout the firm.

GitOps and Secrets Speaker: Kara de la Marck, CloudBees Time: 1:00 PM PDT

GitOps uses Git as the “single source of truth” for declarative infrastructure and enables developers to manage infrastructure with the same Git pull requests they use to manage a codebase. Having all configuration files version-controlled by Git has many advantages, but best practices for securely managing secrets with GitOps remain contested. Join us in this presentation about GitOps and secret management. Attendees will learn about the pros and cons of various approaches and why the Jenkins X project has chosen to standardize on Kubernetes external secrets for secret management.

Kubernetes Chaos Engineering With Chaos Toolkit and Jenkins X Speaker: Viktor Farcic, CloudBees Time: 3:15 PM PDT

The only thing more satisfying than being able to destroy things without consequences is to be awarded for destruction. If you do have destructive tendencies, but you’d like to convert them into something positive, chaos engineering might be just the thing you need. We’ll explore through a hands-on demo on how to use Chaos Toolkit to define and run chaos experiments inside a Kubernetes cluster with Istio. We’ll see a few use-cases of potential problems that can be detected and solved. We’ll automate the deployment of chaos experiments using Jenkins X and make them an integral part of our continuous delivery pipelines.

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