Hacktoberfest 2022

Contribute to Jenkins X as part of Hacktoberfest 2022

We are excited to announce that Jenkins X will be participating in Hacktoberfest again this year! Hacktoberfest is a month-long global celebration of open source software.

All backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to participate in Hacktoberfest and join a global community of open source contributors.

Learn more about Hacktoberfest and sign up here.

Contribute to Jenkins X

We welcome your contributions to the Jenkins X project!

Issues labelled “hacktoberfest” generally indicate good first issues. However, all pull requests will count towards your Hacktoberfest challenge.

Refer to the contribution guides for making code and documentation changes.

Refer to this document to get an idea about the location of the different Jenkins X source code repositories. Normally the labels assigned to the ticket will help you in deciding which part of the Jenkins X codebase to look at. The maintainers will also try to link the relevant repository for hacktoberfest issues in the issue comment.

Once you are done with the contribution, request a review from the maintainers by adding the comment in your pull request.

/cc @ankitm123 @babadofar @msvticket @osamamagdy @rajatgupta24 @tomhobson

Ask us questions

We’re happy to help if you have any questions. Talk to us on our slack channels, which are part of the Kubernetes slack. Join Kubernetes slack here and find us on our channels:

  • #jenkins-x-dev for developers of Jenkins X
  • #jenkins-x-user for users of Jenkins X

Find out more about becoming involved in the Jenkins X community here.

We look forward to seeing you in open source, fixing all the things!