Google Summer of Code 2022 ☀️

Jenkins X GSoC 2022 followup!

We are very happy to announce that Jenkins X has been selected to participate in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2022!

If you are new to GSoC and want to learn more about it, check out their new site. You can find the list of project ideas from Jenkins X here. If you are interested in applying to Jenkins X, please check the timeline. Apply as early as possible.

This post aims to give GSoC contributors insight into the selection process and how to get started.

How many contributors are we looking for?

We have 3 mentors signed up at the moment and are looking to select a maximum of 2 applicants.

We want you to have a great experience contributing to Jenkins X and learn lots of new things!

What are we looking for in an ideal Jenkins X contributor?

  • Willingness to learn Jenkins X and engage with the community
  • Independence and a drive to investigate and propose solutions to complex issues that might occur during implementation
  • (Optional) Eventually become a Jenkins X maintainer (and some day mentor new GSoC contributors)!

What can prospective contributors do? (March 7 - April 19)

You do not have to complete all of these tasks. This is presented here so that you have some clarity around where to start and which resources to follow.

  • Recommended: Join the jenkins X community slack channels and say hello :)
    • We prefer you post messages in the jenkins-x-dev channel
    • Attend the office hours
  • Recommended: Interact with potential mentors to understand/review the requirements of the projects.
  • Recommended: Start working on your proposal early on.
  • Optional: Learn about docker
  • Optional: Learn about kubernetes
  • Optional: Learn the basics of golang
  • Optional: Understand Jenkins X concepts and fundamentals by going over the documentation
  • Optional: Set up Jenkins X locally and give it a go (Please don’t spend money running Jenkins X in the cloud).
    • We prefer you use k3s for this, as it’s less resource intensive and can be installed locally on your workstation (linux). Mac users need to install something like multipass to first install k3s.

Interview process and selection criteria (April 19 and May 12)

We will start interviewing candidates between April 19 and May 12. We want to talk to you individually, and get to know you better.

Contributors will be scored based on the following criteria:


  • Independent thinker and willingness to learn
  • Project proposal demonstrating good understanding of the project they are interested to work on

Nice to have:

  • Technical expertise (basic knowledge goes a long way):

    • Past experience with container technology
    • Past experience with kubernetes
    • Past experience with golang
    • Past experience with a Frontend UI library (if interested to contribute to the UI project)
  • Past open source contribution experience

  • Any level of familiarity with Jenkins X (or other CI/CD tools)

  • Complete one of the three tasks listed below (If you have any questions on these tasks, please ask in our slack channel and we’ll be happy to answer your questions):

    • If you have already contributed to Jenkins X, then share the GitHub links to your pull requests. Your mentor will be happy to discuss them with you and will want to know more about what you did and why you did it.
    • Walk us through a local Jenkins X set up (Please don’t spend money running Jenkins X in the cloud)
    • Refactor a single function within the Jenkins X organization to improve the code quality. Clone the library, make refactoring changes, describe your changes and zip up and submit to a mentor via slack. Explain your refactoring changes and why you did them.
  • Previous GSoC experience (first time contributors are more than welcome)

We will make an effort to talk individually to all the Jenkins X GSoC contributor applicants.

We look forward to reviewing your application and working with you.