January 2022 updates from the JX community

January 2022 updates from Jenkins X

Happy new year 2022!

This monthly blog post series is an attempt to showcase all the incredible work being done by the Jenkins X community to the wider audience.

Lot of exciting features, bug fixes and documentation improvements were made.

Community effort


  • jx-plugins/jx-gitops:
    • Cron job to delete old boot jobs
    • Option to Keep n boot jobs older than default age
  • jenkins-x/lighthouse:
    • Support for using gitlab nested repositories
    • Allow running lighthouse with cluster scoped permissions
    • Add a flag to keep polling releases until commit status is successful
    • Do not include tekton roles when tekton engine is disabled
  • jx-plugins/jx-pipeline:
    • Use pager to aid in visualizing long pipeline logs
  • jenkins-x-terraform/terraform-jx-azure
    • Support provisioning spot instances in the azure terraform jx module
  • jx-plugins/jx-verify:
    • Support specifying label for jx verify install
  • jenkins-x-plugins/jx-registry:
    • Support adding ECR registry policy using jx-registry
  • jenkins-x-charts/jxboot-helmfile-resources:
    • Make all storage locations available as envrironment variables

Bug fixes

  • GoogleContainerTools/kaniko (upstream fix - outside jx codebase):
    • Kaniko in jx pipelines can now push to ACR (Azure Container Registry)
  • jenkins-x/terraform-aws-eks-jx:
    • Remove deprecated jx v2 keys from requirements configmap
    • Fix issue with on-demand billing mode of dynamodb
  • jenkins-x-plugins/jx-promote:
    • Fix local chart check when using cloud buckets to store helm charts
  • jenkins-x-plugins/jx-project:
    • Fix jx project rendering invalid chart.yaml files on import for custom packs in catalog

Documentation improvement

Plumbing/Quality improvements

  • jenkins-x/jx:
    • Disable running github actions on forks
  • jenkins-x/jx-docs:
    • Upgrade docsy submodules
    • Upgrade hugo docker image
    • Migrate jx-docs to new pipeline format
  • jenkins-x/jx-gitops:
    • upgrade kubectl version for kpt
    • upgrade helm and helmfile version

Huge thanks to all the contributors for their hardwork!

  • ankitm123
  • babadofar
  • dippynark
  • ia-mfriegang
  • jalonsoa
  • msvticket
  • rajatgupta24
  • rawlingsj
  • sergiogiuffrida
  • slimm609
  • TedGelpi
  • tomhobson
  • yelhouti