Jenkins X Survey Results

Analyzing results

The Jenkins X survey was active for four weeks and closed on February 11 2022. We received lots of valuable insights into how people are using Jenkins X. We need more contributors in the Jenkins X community, so if you feel strongly about how Jenkins X should evolve, your best bet is to dive in and get your hands dirty:) Some highlights of the free text responses we got are collected here

According to the survey, a typical Jenkinx X user works with Devops and Software Engineering

Area of Work

This person is using Jenkins X version 3 Jenkins X versions

on Amazon Cloud Providers

working in a company of 1-50 people. Company size

She finds it somewhat difficult to find documentation, average 2.9 out of 5 Find documentation

The Jenkins X user tries to find information mainly on the main web site, sometimes on slack and less often on github. Information sources What he enjoys most about Jenkins X is that it is an easy way to learn, play around and work with Kubernetes. The git(ops(ish)) style of configuration, the preview environments, and the staging /production environments. Enjoy the most

But one thing is sure, documentation is confusing and shold be improved. Should be improved

The typical Jenkins X user would like to run Jenkins X offline, either to run on a laptop, or behind a (corporate) firewall. Proper support for multi-tenancy would be nice, and who can ignore security in these times. A clear governance of Jenkins X needs to be established,

The typical person who answers surveys on Jenkins X is planning to attend Jenkins X Office hours, which is great! Office hours

See you there next week then!