Jenkins X Survey Result Details

Some specific answers

For more information on the Jenkins X survey see Survey results Some highlights from the free text answers.

What do you enjoy the most with Jenkins X?


  • Cloud-native feel, “you know Kubernetes, you know how to use JX”, plugins-based architecture
  • Complete CI/CD platform in a k8s cluster


  • Configuration as code, auto generation of k8s files, flexibility
  • easy to create preview/dev/staging/prod environments.
  • modularity and ease to extend/change


  • Everything works out of the box.
  • Very intuitive
  • Lightweight and easy to manage.


  • The community is incredible. I really like how everything works together.
  • love the community.


  • scalability and how fast it is!
  • Integration with different secret backends is easy. Also love the community.
  • It’s opinionated
  • No vendor lock in

What do you believe should be improved with Jenkins X?


  • run it against a local running cluster to test changes to Jenkins-X before updated in GitHub.

  • Integration with on-premise (Gitlab) as a lot of organizations are not using public cloud due to security policies,

  • Proper guide on installing into existing cluster without using terraform. Give us back something like jx compliance, jx boot.

  • Would be nice to not be tied to terraform to boot jenkins-x. Just like kubernetes, it would be great to have a jenkins-x the hard way where everything needs to be installed manually.


  • it’s very difficult to just dive in without previous knowledge of the system

  • extreme lack of quality documentation.

  • Many conversations take place in slack and users cannot find information that somebody had the same problem beforehand and how it was solved

  • More documentation and guides, making sure quickstart guides work without hassle

  • Making it easier to get started

  • Very hard to find any information on how people solve a similar problem before

  • I very much enjoy your documentation, but it is very hard to find anything on google that is a huge disadvantage.

  • Documents need to be clear about what works, and what does not work (kubernetes versions for example, bitbucket etc ..)

  • Could also be nice with an arcitecture illustration or video that could compare jenkins with jenkins X

  • I find that when I’m looking for information I get a lot of mixed results (v3 vs v2).


  • Debugging the integration
  • Error handing and reporting


  • HA, multi-tenant
  • multi cluster setup
  • Remote clusters


  • Needs focus on following up on K8s versions.
  • Needs a larger body of people governing it
  • PRs are being ignored for months at a time. The first PRs I’ve opened have been ignored to this day. I started getting some response after connecting with some devs in Slack.
  • A public Roadmap and prioritizing tasks by community demand would be the way to go.
  • who will be providing development leadership and direction.


  • permission management within Terraform repos (default settings are too wide for orgs)
  • separate JX permissions from per-project permissions - current pipelines gives a cluster admin scope to everyone as development teams can override steps and execute with any service account


  • pipelines dashboard needs Re-Run button.
  • A fully functional UI would be nice.


  • The install process
  • deploy speed
  • The parallel PR building causes issues.
  • Support for Bitbucket Server
  • providing the capabilities to match CircleCI. lots of missing features or very difficult to set up
  • Performance


  • Integration with vault is confused. Why install vault in docker in k3s environment?

  • I strongly believe in this project!

  • I use Jenkins X as a learning tool. It gives me the ability to build K8S clusters using different cloud providers and helps me to understand the mechanics of GitOps, helm charts, etc.

  • Better error handling when pipelines fail would be good (tekton pipeline fail, but jx pipelines dont update their status).

  • I’m excited to see how the product has grown in the short time I’ve used it.