The change log for Jenkins X 3.x

You may also find the Roadmap and Maturity Matrix documents useful:

Breaking Changes

  • the new tekton version (0.20.x) now requires kubernetes 1.17 or later. If your cluster is older and you are using the cloud just ugprade your kubernetes version before upgrading your cluster. Otherwise you may want to explicitly override your tekton-pipeline version to pin it at 0.19.1 instead in your helmfiles/tekton-pipelines/helmfile.yaml file


jx ui
jx dash
  • We now have Tekton Catalog integration so that you can:

  • We have migrated most of the Jenkins X Plugins over to the new client-go 1.19.x version now which is a fairly major change due to the API changes in client-go. So we’ve moved many of the libraries over to use v3 instead such as using libraries like jx-api or jx-helpers

    • if you were planning on submitting a Pull Request on any plugin please make sure you rebase before submitting a Pull Request. Also upgrade to go 1.15.2 ASAP
  • New Maturity Matrix published! You can now view at a glance the different capabilities across clouds and infrastructure. Many thanks Nitin for all your hard work

  • Preview environments how use helmfile as a declarative way to describe all of the dependencies you need in your preview environment.

    • This is all handled by the new jx-preview plugin
    • This also opens up the possibility of using multiple namespaces per preview; or using canary releases on multiple previews into a shared environment.
  • The new Jenkins X version 3 CLI jx-cli is now plugins all the way down; so that all of the features are implemented by separate binary plugins making the CLI more modular and easier to work on.

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