The change log for Jenkins X 3.x

You may also find the Roadmap and Maturity Matrix documents useful:

Pre beta changes


jx ui
jx dash
  • We now have Tekton Catalog integration so that you can:

  • We have migrated most of the Jenkins X Plugins over to the new client-go 1.19.x version now which is a fairly major change due to the API changes in client-go. So we’ve moved many of the libraries over to use v3 instead such as using libraries like jx-api or jx-helpers

    • if you were planning on submitting a Pull Request on any plugin please make sure you rebase before submitting a Pull Request. Also upgrade to go 1.15.2 ASAP
  • New Maturity Matrix published! You can now view at a glance the different capabilities across clouds and infrastructure. Many thanks Nitin for all your hard work

  • Preview environments how use helmfile as a declarative way to describe all of the dependencies you need in your preview environment.

    • This is all handled by the new jx-preview plugin
    • This also opens up the possibility of using multiple namespaces per preview; or using canary releases on multiple previews into a shared environment.
  • The new Jenkins X version 3 CLI jx-cli is now plugins all the way down; so that all of the features are implemented by separate binary plugins making the CLI more modular and easier to work on.