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jx prompt

Generate the command line prompt for the current team and environment


Generate a command prompt for the current namespace and Kubernetes context.

jx prompt [flags]


  # Generate the current prompt
  jx prompt
  # Enable the prompt for bash
  PS1="[\u@\h \W \$(jx prompt)]\$ "
  # Enable the prompt for zsh
  PROMPT='$(jx prompt)'$PROMPT


      --context-color stringArray     The color for the Kubernetes context (default [cyan])
  -d, --divider string                The divider between the team and environment for the prompt (default ":")
  -h, --help                          help for prompt
  -i, --icon                          Uses an icon for the label in the prompt
  -l, --label string                  The label for the prompt (default "k8s")
      --label-color stringArray       The color for the label (default [blue])
      --namespace-color stringArray   The color for the namespace (default [green])
      --no-label                      Disables the use of the label in the prompt
  -p, --prefix string                 The prefix text for the prompt
  -s, --separator string              The separator between the label and the rest of the prompt (default ":")
  -x, --suffix string                 The suffix text for the prompt (default ">")

Options inherited from parent commands

  -b, --batch-mode   Runs in batch mode without prompting for user input
      --verbose      Enables verbose output. The environment variable JX_LOG_LEVEL has precedence over this flag and allows setting the logging level to any value of: panic, fatal, error, warn, info, debug, trace


  • jx - jx is a command line tool for working with Jenkins X
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