Working with Jenkins X Pipelines

How to create and modify your own Jenkins X Pipeline

This section goes into more detail on what you can do with a Jenkins X Pipeline and how to deal with specific use cases.

There are two main ways of creating a new pipeline:

  • Create a new project using a quick start
  • Create a new jenkins-x.yml file and build a pipeline from scratch

Naturally, the first option is the simplest, even for having a starting point, but you can always start from scratch and just import your existing project

The pages you’ll find in this section will apply to both ways of creating a pipeline

For more general information about Jenkins X Pipelines, see the Jenkins X Pipeline overview and the Jenkins X Pipeline syntax reference

Creating Jenkins X Pipelines from scratch

How to create a new Jenkins X Pipeline from scratch

Pipeline Environment Variables

Using environment variables in your pipelines

Custom images in steps

Using custom docker images in your steps