Custom Resources

Custom Resources defined by Jenkins X

Kubernetes provides an extension mechanism called Custom Resources which allows microservices to extend the Kubernetes platform to solve higher order problems.

So in Jenkins X, we have added a number of Custom Resources to help extend Kubernetes to support CI/CD.

You can also browse the Custom Resource API Reference


Jenkins X natively supports environments allowing them to be defined for your team and then queried via jx get environments:

jx get environments

Under the covers that command uses the custom Kubernetes resource Environments.

So you can also query the environments via kubectl as well:

kubectl get environments

Or edit them via YAML directly if you want:

kubectl edit env staging

though you may prefer the easier to use jx edit environment command.


The Jenkins X pipelines generate a custom Release resource which we can use to keep track of:

  • what version, Git tag and Git URL map to a release in Kubernetes/Helm
  • what Jenkins pipeline URL and log was used to perform the release
  • which commits, issues and Pull Requests were part of each release so that we can implement feedback as issues are fixed in Staging/Production


This stores information about source code repositories that Jenkins X is set to build.

It is created by jx import and jx create quickstart and removed whenever a jx delete application is invoked.


This is used to define a configuration for one or more SourceRepository and is used by jx boot to generate the Prow configuration.

This lets you setup a default Scheduler for a team and then you don’t have to touch your prow configuration at all; all imported/created projects will inherit from the default Scheduler.

Or when you perform jx import or jx create quickstart you can pass in a --scheduler command line argument to use a specific scheduler.


This resource stores the pipeline status in terms of Jenkins Pipeline stages plus the promotion activity.

This resource is also used by the jx get activities command.


The Team Custom Resource is created via the jx create team command and is used by the team controller to watch for new Team resources and then create an installation of Jenkins X in the teams namespace. For more background on teams see the team feature.


The User Custom Resource is used to support RBAC across the various environments and preview environments in teams.

It is also used by the jx edit userroles to change user roles.


The EnvironmentRoleBinding resource is like the standard Kubernetes RoleBinding resource, but it allows mapping of a Role to multiple environments and preview environments in a team by using a selector of Environments on which to bind roles.

This makes it easy to bind a Role to either all environments, all preview environments or both or a given set of users.