jx controller pipelinerunner

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jx controller pipelinerunner

Runs the service to generate Tekton PipelineRun resources from source code webhooks such as from Prow


Runs the service to generate Tekton resources from source code webhooks such as from Prow

jx controller pipelinerunner [flags]


  # run the pipeline runner controller
  jx controller pipelinerunner


      --bind string                  The interface address to bind to (by default, will listen on all interfaces/addresses). (default "")
  -h, --help                         help for pipelinerunner
      --meta-pipeline-image string   Specify the docker image to use if there is no image specified for a step.
      --no-git-init                  Disables checking we have setup git credentials on startup.
      --path string                  The path to listen on for requests to trigger a pipeline run. (default "/")
      --port int                     The TCP port to listen on. (default 8080)
      --semantic-release             Enable semantic releases
      --service-account string       The Kubernetes ServiceAccount to use to run the pipeline. (default "tekton-bot")
      --use-meta-pipeline            Uses the meta pipeline to create the pipeline. (default true)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -b, --batch-mode   Runs in batch mode without prompting for user input
      --verbose      Enables verbose output. The environment variable JX_LOG_LEVEL has precedence over this flag and allows setting the logging level to any value of: panic, fatal, error, warn, info, debug, trace


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