Helm 3

Using Helm 3 with Jenkins X

Jenkins X uses Helm to install both Jenkins X and to install the applications you create in each of the Environments (like Staging and Production)

NOTE until Helm 3 is GA we highly recommend folks use Helm 2.x without Tiller

Currently Helm 3 is being developed that has a number of great improvements:

  • remove the server side component, Tiller, so that helm install uses the current user/ServiceAccount’s RBAC
  • releases become namespace aware avoiding the need to come up with globally unique release names

At the time of writing helm 3 is still early in its development but to improve feedback we’ve added support for Helm 2 and Helm 3 into Jenkins X.

You can use either helm 2 or helm 3 to do either of these things:

  • install Jenkins X itself
  • install your apps into your Staging and Production environments

e.g. you could use helm 2 to install Jenkins X then use helm 3 for your Staging and Production environments.

Here’s how to specify which helm to use.

Using helm 3 to install Jenkins X

When installing Jenkins X via jx create cluster ... or jx install you can specify --helm3 to use helm 3 instead of helm 2.x.

If you install with helm 2 then your team will default to using helm 2 for its releases. If you install with helm 3 then your team will default to also use helm 3.

To change the version of helm used by your team use jx edit helmbin :

jx edit helmbin helm3

or to switch to helm 2:

jx edit helmbin helm

You can view the current settings for your team via jx get helmbin:

jx get helmbin

Basically the pod templates contain both the binaries:

  • helm which is a 2.x distro of helm
  • helm3 which is a 3.x distro of helm

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