Working with issues

Jenkins X defaults to using the issue tracker in your git provider for creating and browsing issues.

e.g. if you are inside the source code of a github project then you can type jx create issue:

jx create issue -t "lets make things more awesome"

And a new issue will be created on github.

You can list open the issues on your project via jx get issues:

jx get issues

Using a different issue tracker

If you wish to use, say, JIRA on a project you first need to add a JIRA service.

You can register your JIRA service via jx create tracker server:

jx create tracker server jira

You can then view your issue tracker server via jx get tracker:

jx get tracker

Then add a user and token via:

jx create tracker token -n jira  myEmailAddress

configure the issue tracker on a project

In the source code of your project then use jx edit config:

jx edit config -k issues


  • if you have multiple issue trackers, pick the one you wish to use for the project
  • enter the name of the project in the issue tracker (e.g. the upper case name of the JIRA project)

A file called jenkins-x.yml will be modified in your project source code which should be added to your git repository.