Using Boot on Google Cloud (GCP)


On GCP we default to using GCR as the container registry (using

Please set your provider to gke via this in your jx-requirements.yml to indicate you are using GCP:

    provider: gke

We also recommend using Jenkins X Pipelines as this works out of the box with kaniko for creating container images without needing a docker daemon and works well with GCR.

Configuring DNS and TLS

For a secure Jenkins X installation, you must enable TLS when interacting with the vault service. To configure TLS, you must first configure Zone DNS settings within Google Cloud Platform, and then configure external DNS settings for Ingress and TLS in the jx-requirements.yml configuration file.

Configuring Google Cloud DNS

You should have a domain name registered with a name registrar, for example www.acmecorp.example before configuring DNS Zone settings. For more information, refer to Creating a managed public zone from the Google documentation.

  1. Navigate via browser to the Project Selector page. and choose your Google Cloud Platform project.

  2. Create a DNS zone

    1. Choose Public as your Zone Type.

    2. Type a Zone Name for your zone.

    3. Input a DNS suffix in DNS name, for example acmecorp.example.

    4. Choose your DNSSEC or DNS Security state, which should be set to Off for this configuration.

  3. (Optional) Input a Description for your DNS zone.

  4. Click Create.

Once created, the Zone Details page loads. NS (Name server) and SOA (Start of authority) records are automatically created for your domain (for example acmecorp.example)

Configuring External DNS in Jenkins X

Once you have configured Google Cloud DNS, you can use browse the Zones page in your Google Cloud Platform project to setup your external domain.

To setup External DNS:

  1. Choose a unique DNS name; you can use nested domains (for example, cluster1.acmecorp.example). Enter the name in the DNS Name field

  2. Run the jx create domain command against your domain name, for example:

    jx create domain gke --domain cluster1.acmecorp.example

    You will be prompted for information as needed during the setup:

    1. Choose your Google Cloud Platform project from the available list.

    2. Update your existing managed servers to use the displayed list of Cloud DNS nameservers. Copy the list for use in the next steps.

Next up is configuring GCP:

  1. From the Google Cloud Platform Zones page, change the Resource Record Type to NS) and use the default values for your domain for for TTL (5) and TTL Unit (minutes).

  2. Add the first nameserver to the Name server field

  3. Click Add item and add any subsequent nameservers.

  4. Click Create.

Finally, configure Jenkins X for the new domain names:

  1. Edit the jx-requirements.yml file and update the domain field (in ingress) to your domain name, for example cluster1.acmecorp.example

  2. In the tls setting, enable TLS with enabled: true

    The resulting jx-requirements.yml entries for these settings should look similar to the example below:

     gitops: true
       domain: cluster1.acmecorp.example
       externalDNS: true
       namespaceSubDomain: -jx.
         email: certifiable@acmecorp.example
         enabled: true
         production: true
     secretStorage: vault