Browsing resources in Jenkins X

If you have used kubernetes before you’re probably used the kubectl command line to view kubernetes resources:

kubectl get pods

The Jenkins X command line tool, jx, has a similar look and feel to kubectl and lets you get the status of all the Jenkins X resources.

View Jenkins Console

If you are familiar with the Jenkins console then you can use jx console:

jx console

to open it in a browser.

Pipeline Activity

To view the current pipeline activity jx get activities:

jx get activities

If you want to watch whats going on with your app myapp you can use:

jx get activities -f myapp -w

Which will watch the pipeline activities and update the screen whenever a significant change happens (e.g. a release completes, a PR is created to start promotion etc).

Pipeline Build logs

To view the current pipeline build logs via jx get build logs:

jx get build logs

You are then presented with all the possible pipelines to watch.

You can quickly filter that via

jx get build logs -f myapp

or if you wish to be explicit

jx get build logs myorg/myapp/master


To view the current configured pipelines use jx get pipelines:

jx get pipelines


To view all the applications in your team across all your environments with URLs and pod counts use jx get applications:

jx get applications

If you want to hide the URLs or the pod counts you can use u or -p. e.g. to hide the URLs:

jx get applications -u

Or hide the pod counts:

jx get applications -p

You can also filter the apps by an environment:

jx get applications -e staging


To view the environments defined for your team use jx get environments:

jx get environments

You can also