Configuring DNS for external access to cluster services

To be able to access services hosted within your cluster we default to an nip.io domain. This makes it super easy to setup and manage DNS.

However, for users who want services in the cluster to be available on a personal domain, we use external-dns which is just as easy.


NOTE: Currently only supported on GKE

ExternalDNS can be used to help expose Kubernetes Services and Ingresses by synchronizing with DNS providers.

If you are using jx boot to install and configure your setup then modify your jx-requirements.yml file to enable ingress.externalDNS: true as described in the boot ingress documentation

Otherwise to setup your cluster using ExternalDNS use:

jx install --provider gke --tekton --external-dns

This will then prompt you for your domain.

🙅 developer ~/go-workspace/jx(master)$ jx install --provider gke --tekton --external-dns
WARNING: When using tekton, only kaniko is supported as a builder
Context "gke_<your-project-id>_europe-west1-b_<your-cluster-name>" modified.
set exposeController Config URLTemplate "{{.Service}}-{{.Namespace}}.{{.Domain}}"
Git configured for user: **********  and email *********@****.***
helm installed and configured
? Provide the domain Jenkins X should be available at: your-domain.com

A CloudDNS managed zone is then created within your clusters GCP Project, the record-sets which expose your services will be created by ExternalDNS within this managed zone.

🙅 developer ~/go-workspace()$ gcloud dns managed-zones list
NAME                           DNS_NAME                   DESCRIPTION                       VISIBILITY
your-domain-com-zone           your-domain.com.           managed-zone utilised by jx       public


Once the installation is complete, a list of name servers will be outputted to the terminal, please update your registrar using these name servers in order to delegate your domain onto Google CloudDNS.


            External DNS: Please delegate your-domain.com via
            your registrar onto the following name servers:


Google domains

If you’re using Google Domains as your domain registrar please see here for details on delegating to custom name servers.

URL template

All services should be available on the same domain, of which is derived as follows: