jx create devpod

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jx create devpod

Creates a DevPod for running builds and tests inside the cluster


Creates a new DevPod

For more documentation see: https://jenkins-x.io/developing/devpods/

jx create devpod [flags]


  # creates a new DevPod asking the user for the label to use
  jx create devpod
  # creates a new Maven DevPod
  jx create devpod -l maven


      --auto-expose               Automatically expose useful ports via ingresses such as the ide port, debug port, as well as any ports specified using --ports
      --docker-registry string    The Docker registry to use within the DevPod. If not specified, default to the built-in registry or $DOCKER_REGISTRY
  -h, --help                      help for devpod
      --import                    Detect if there is a Git repository in the current directory and attempt to clone it into the DevPod. Ignored if used with --sync (default true)
  -u, --import-url string         Clone a Git repository into the DevPod. Cannot be used with --sync
  -l, --label string              The label of the pod template to use
      --persist                   Persist changes made to the DevPod. Cannot be used with --sync
  -p, --ports ints                Container ports exposed by the DevPod
      --pull-secrets string       A list of Kubernetes secret names that will be attached to the service account (e.g. foo, bar, baz)
  -c, --request-cpu string        The request CPU of the DevPod (default "1")
  -m, --request-memory string     The request Memory of the DevPod (default "512Mi")
      --reuse                     Reuse an existing DevPod if a suitable one exists. The DevPod will be selected based on the label (or current working directory) (default true)
      --service-account string    The ServiceAccount name used for the DevPod
      --shell string              The name of the shell to invoke in the DevPod. If nothing is specified it will use 'bash'
  -s, --suffix string             The suffix to append the pod name
      --sync                      Also synchronise the local file system into the DevPod
      --temp-dir                  If enabled and --import-url is supplied then create a temporary directory to clone the source to detect what kind of DevPod to create
      --theia                     If enabled use Eclipse Theia as the web based IDE
      --tiller-namespace string   The optional tiller namespace to use within the DevPod.
      --username string           The username to create the DevPod. If not specified defaults to the current operating system user or $USER'
  -w, --working-dir string        The working directory of the DevPod

Options inherited from parent commands

  -b, --batch-mode   Runs in batch mode without prompting for user input
      --verbose      Enables verbose output. The environment variable JX_LOG_LEVEL has precedence over this flag and allows setting the logging level to any value of: panic, fatal, error, warn, info, debug, trace


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