Connectivity requirements for running Jenkins-X

The tables below list some of the connectivity requirements for Jenkins X. These tables only apply to JX clusters secured with TLS.


Service Protocol Port Reason
Kube API Server HTTPS 443 Allow the JX cli to connect to the cluster
Nexus HTTPS 443 For developers using maven, to allow them to download/proxy artifacts stored in nexus
Hook HTTPS 443 To receive webhook events from the git provider
Chartmuseum HTTPS 443 Remote clusters to download helm charts


Service Protocol Port Location Reason
Docker Images HTTPS 443 dockerhub/
Docker Registry HTTPS 443
Docker Registry (Internal) HTTP 8080 docker-registry-pod
Nexus HTTPS 443 mirrored repositories
Git Provider HTTPS 443 provider dependent
Storage HTTPS 443 GCS/S3 Log Storage HTTPS 443 version stream, build packs & quickstarts