My story with Jenkins X GSoC - Consolidate the use of Apps / Addons

Share Jenkins X and GSoC(Google Summer of Code) journey

I’m Zixuan, and I’m very happy to be recognized by the Jenkins and Jenkins X teams in Google Summer of Code 2020.

I’m working on Consolidate the use of Apps / Addons.

Excellent mentor team

Jenkins and Jenkins X has an excellent team of mentors, everyone is very kind and super knowledgeable.

  • James Strachan
  • Kara de la Marck
  • markyjackson
  • Nikhil Da Rocha
  • Oleg Nenashev
  • Oscar Medina
  • Sahil Kalra
  • Sladyn

Work output

I have been working on this project for some time. During this time, I have migrated some addons to apps.

If you want to test completed apps, you can open the repository below.

Completed Work

Work in Progress

🙌 I also welcome other developers of this project to guide me!

For more about the project, see here.