DevOps World-Jenkins World 2019 San Francisco: Agenda is Live

DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 Agenda is live.

DevOps World | Jenkins World is the largest Jenkins gathering of the year. From August 12 - 15, 2019 the event will take place at the Moscone West Center in San Francisco. The event boasts 100+ sessions, and will offer training, hands-on workshops, onsite certification, contributor summit and much more. Conference attendees can expect to be inspired while learning the latest innovations from industry leaders. Attendees will learn the value that digital transformation has in delivering software more efficiently, more quickly and with higher quality.

We are excited to announce most of the agenda for DevOps World | Jenkins World San Francisco is now live. We will continue to fill out the agenda with more sessions, trainings/workshops, and activities in the coming weeks. Below is a sampling of the Jenkins X sessions taking place at DevOps World | Jenkins World San Francisco:

  • Continuous Delivery with Jenkins X Workshop

We need a tool that will allow us to leverage all the latest and greatest processes and tools. At the same time, we need them to be simple and straightforward so that everyone can benefit from them. That is the primary objective behind the Jenkins X project. It brings power by combining best practices and tools while keeping it so simple that anyone can use it.

  • Cloud Native CI/CD with Jenkins X and Tekton

In this talk, we’ll explain the CI/CD challenges in a cloud native landscape, and show how Jenkins X rises to them by leveraging open source cloud native technologies like Tekton. We will describe how the Jenkins X project has evolved on it’s own cloud native journey and the amazing benefits we are gaining by using the cloud well. People who attend will leave with a better understanding of the awesome new technologies, architecture and benefits which are transforming the way we build, release, deploy and run our software.

  • Jenkins X Optimized for GCP - Craig Barber

Jenkins X is an industry-wide leap forward to provide developers with a cloud native CI/CD experience. As the next evolution in the Jenkins space, Jenkins X redefines how CI/CD workloads run. In this talk, we will guide you on how to deploy, configure and use Jenkins X CI/CD pipelines within the Google Kubernetes Engine while taking full advantage of Jenkins X’s native integration with GCP’s industry leading services.

  • Integrating JX (Serverless) with your Business

CI/CD + GitOps is changing the way that we build software, it comes with a great cultural change and challenges but a lot of advantages. While using JX is an amazing starting point to get familiar with CI/CD and GitOps, companies can integrate with these tools in a whole new level to build the next generation SaaS offerings. In this presentation we will look at the Kubernetes Resources provided by JX and how can we integrate our own domain specific concepts to leverage JX from inside our services/products.

  • See the full agenda here

The Jenkins X creators and contributors will be onsite to mingle and answer any Jenkins X technical questions you might have. Come if you are simply curious and just want to learn more or ask the experts those Jenkins X questions that has been keeping you up at night.

Hope to see you there!