Consolidate the use of Apps / Addons - Coding Phase 2

Share Jenkins X GSoC coding phase 2 work

The coding phase 2 of Google Summer of Code will end this week, so I’d like to share my coding phase 2 work.

The addons have been migrated to apps on coding phase 1, but these apps have not been hosted to OSS, so during the coding phase 2, Jenkins X team build OSS cluster to host my apps:

you can use jx add app command to install the above apps, I also made a number of PR:

My work is inseparable from my mentors and Jenkins X team, in particular, my mentor - Kara de la Marck took good care of me in every way (such as language, English is my second language), so thank you for your time ❤️

Next phase work

In the next phase I will write these apps document and add deprecate note to jx, and continue to explore apps. I will also follow up about apps/addons issues on jx then try to solve the issues. Jenkins X team is going to be releasing 3.x of Jenkins X, I also need to get familiar with it -


If you are interested in the project, or to guide me. Welcome to join #jenkins-x-gsoc channel on CDF Slack 🙌