Google Summer of Code

Jenkins X has participated in the Google Summer of code (GSoC) before.

This is the process that Jenkins X will follow when applying for GSoC (timelines are subject to change, check the timeline section in the gsoc webpage).

  • Publish a blog post announcing Jenkins X interest in applying to GSoC when the application is announced by Google
    • this normally happens in November
  • Set a deadline when all project ideas are submitted for internal review by Jenkins X TOC
    • It’s a good idea to set the deadline internally for project list submission to February 1. This is normally when the application opens for organizations. The application remain open only for 2 weeks, so it’s better to have a list beforehand.
  • Decide internally on a list of projects and the mentors that are interested.
    • Projects with multiple mentors are more likely to be shortlisted
  • Once the application is announced by Google, publish a blog post with the project ideas. A sample is available here
  • Submit the application
  • If selected by GSoC (results are announced in March), publish a follow up blog post.
    • This blog post is expected to help the GSoC applicants understand more about Jenkins X and what we are looking for in an ideal contributor. Check the follow up blog from 2022 to get an idea.
    • It helps the contributors and the mentors if a project template is provided.
  • After the project proposal deadline (April), decide on a list of contributors and rank the project proposals (the one at the top is the strongest proposal)
  • Once Google announces the list of accepted proposals for Jenkins X (not all proposals ranked will get selected), mentors should discuss the project details (and time commitments) with the contributors.