Jenkins X infrastructure

Internal infrastructure used for Jenkins X

Jenkins X runs it’s infrastructure in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We have 2 GCP projects

  • jenkinsxio
  • jenkins-x-bdd


This is where the main infrastructure runs (the jobs triggered when a pull request is opened in any repository). Some details about the infrastructure are shown below

  • GKE kubernetes version 1.21
  • Spot instances to keep costs low
    • n1-standard-2 with boot size 100 GB
  • Cluster autoscaler scales the nodes between 1 and 5.
  • We use terraform, an infrastructure as Code tool to manage the cluster using the google-jx module.


This project is only used for bdd testing. Test clusters are created here when a pull request is opened in the jx3-versions repository.

Test clusters are supposed to be transient, and are regularly gc’ed.

  • If a test passes, then a clean up is performed at the end of the test run to delete the test cluster
  • For a failed test, we have a cloud function scheduled to run every hour which deletes any left over clusters and cloud resources (persistent volumes, service accounts and secrets)